About Me

David Koonar of Windsor, Ontario, may be recognized by anyone familiar with Canadian photography, particularly the outdoors. He has established a reputation as a photographer in Windsor, Ontario, and across Canada. Due to his traditional background and years of experience, he is one of Windsor's most sought-after photographers and visual artists.

With a Special Emphasis on Early Design Education

As a young photographer, David Koonar had a visual affinity for design. Photography was a way for him to capture the beauty and technical presentation of both man-made and natural design as seen through a camera lens. Even as technology evolved, the basics of Koonar's design-based photography remained constant. While digital editing, improvement, and other refinements are now feasible, he continues to appreciate the beauty of basic photos, particularly those taken in the field. Certain things are unreplicable even with the most sophisticated computer coding.

Imaginative Narratives.

David Koonar, a Windsor-based visual artist, begins with narratives. While he uses a professional camera and skill set, the end output is only as good as the context, scene, and story that inspired it. Frequently, the tale is already underway, and he is in the ideal location and at the ideal time to capture and preserve it for future generations. David Koonar's work on Instagram and other social media platforms exemplify this expertise in spades. With millions of views, a devoted following, and a regular stream of fresh, outstanding work, it's unsurprising that he is in high demand for new photographic projects.

It's all about mechanical know-how.

Koonar's favorite subject to discuss with aspiring photographers is the importance of technical proficiency. He likes to manually handle the camera rather than rely on the camera's preset settings. He accomplishes this by developing the necessary abilities, comprehending the impacts of various settings, and determining when to apply them for the best effect and image quality. According to Koonar, an image maker who has not acquired this degree of comprehension cannot call themselves a photographer. What separates a good photographer from the millions of other digital shooters is the ability to consistently produce high-quality photographs by manually altering camera settings rather than depending on the usually inaccurate auto-setting options provided by a computer.

A Look Ahead:

According to David Koonar's future predictions, technology will continue to develop great tools that were impossible less than two years ago. Meanwhile, he predicts that as technology advances, the number of photographers who have learned the ability to operate their cameras manually will diminish. He does not anticipate photography being extinct overnight. Things are transforming at a breakneck pace. Although there will be considerable differences between individuals who have mastered the manual use of the camera, and those who only punch buttons, there will still be a difference. This will be obvious in the photographs created as a result of the session.

Despite having a workshop in Windsor, David Koonar continues to develop his craft there, surrounded by the natural beauty of the surrounding countryside. Even if it's for the sheer enjoyment of the endeavor, he continues to outdo himself by capturing incredible images through the lens and viewfinder.